MEALSY (Meal + Easy) is an app that helps people find recipes according to the ingredients they have on hand.
The app was created for the ones that find it difficult to maneuver themselves around the kitchen, when few ingredients are left.
The project was born out of a desire to encourage cooking instead of ordering food, this stems from the understanding that home cooking is healthier, cheaper and benefits their lives.



In order to drive the user to choose the app frequently, we have created a quick and accessible route from beginning to end. The scenario is based on customization to immediate and specific needs of the user. An easy and enjoyable transition from the stage of inserting the ingredients on hand, to the first stage in preparing the dish.

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The systems initial filtering is based on two screens in the registration section, one to select favorite ingredients and one for ingredients to avoid. In future use the app will remember this data and use it as an extra filter. We have purposely avoided adding sections regarding types of cuisine, ensuring a concise path to working with what you have!



Underlying the overall design of the app is a motivation to produce a soft and inviting language of shapes, colors and objects, which will support its gameplay aspect, and attract the user to return. All ingredients are illustrated as icons to maintain unity among the form's language and colors, to create comfort and an emotional connection with the user.
The other symbols, which function as buttons for the various actions, were designed in a clean and rounded language accordingly. The color palette consists of 7 main colors that are used in many shades, and one sensory font in different weights.

Created with Adobe softwares: XD, Photoshop, Illustrator.



MEALSY contains about 3,000 excellent recipes with quality photos to attract the user to prepare a meal.

On the recipe list screen, the user is exposed to the image, ranking among users, ingredients, number of servings and preparation time per meal. The recipes are sorted according to the ranking, or based on ingredients that the user has chosen. In addition, recipes can be saved and they will appear on the personal profile page.
On each recipe page there is also the preparation steps, and options to rate, respond and share.

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Each user has a personal profile, where his/her name and avatar are placed, the ingredients preferences, the date of the last  time cooking, the score and the stage (score increases every time the usre enters a recipe, save a recipe and participate in a game of roulette). On the profile page are also the recipes that have already been prepared, and those that have been saved for later. All the details can be edited by clicking the edit button, which is intentionally located on the profile screen and not within the settings, to make it easier to update the details when needed.

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