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The tool closes a circuit with a ground antenna system that monitors the location of birds which carry a transmitter. Under the user's instruction, a specific transmitter is monitored. Once BiTra has reached the transmitter location, visual surveillance begins by using the camera. It transmits the real-time tracking data to the ground station via WIFI. This allows the user to be involved during tracking, and, if necessary, to extend it and send another tool before returning the currently used one to the battery charging position.


Israel is a pathway for hundreds of bird species every year during the migratory seasons. Many of them even stay and nest. The purpose of BiTra is to monitor wild birds with a transmitter in Israel and expanding the information received on their behavior in the living/nesting areas.

BiTra designed for birds researchers who long to discover as much information as possible about the species of birds that exist on Earth in general, and their country in particular. It allows collecting and transmitting multiple data in parallel and in real-time: location, living habits and visual documentation.


The aviation mechanism is a combination of soft wing and synthetic muscle, which are medical components that are made of flexible and conductive materials. An electric pulse transmitted from the battery in the computer control shrinks the muscle, creating the up-and-down wing movement. Other components: Camera, battery, receiver, computer and flight controller, power distribution controller, GNSS and WIFI. 

Designed in collaboration with Dar Ashuri.